Usability of a WordPress Theme Generator

A WordPress theme generator is used to make themes for WordPress websites. Also called WordPress web design software, generators have revolutionized the web designing by eliminating the requisite to write code to develop web designs. Being code-free web design software, anyone can make themes using a generator.

In fact, people who have never been into theme making can make themes without acquiring special technical skills. Ease of use of a generator for professionals and general users is alike but usability differs.

Usability for developers

A professional quality generator proves to be effort-saver as well as time-saver for developers. Custom theme development is an effortful process.

Who says that developers do not have to face hurdles while making custom templates?

Difficulties occur even for them to put their knowledge in practical situations, sometimes, when they have to make themes from scratch, and based on client’s preferences.

Development of fully custom theme takes long if done on code-based editor. To add any element into theme, coded instructions have to be written. On the other hand, if a generator is used, then work becomes a lot easier and faster, because options have to be chosen instead of writing source code. Generating source code pertaining selected options is the job of generator.

Easier and faster development would lead to take up more number of projects. Obviously, accomplishment of more and more projects would draw greater monetary benefits for developers.

Usability for Individuals

In my views, those who are thinking of setting up their professional blogs or websites on CMS should get a generator and make themes themselves. There are two interests in doing so, first is the ability to make custom themes on one’s own, and second is saving the fee they are supposed to give to developers for custom themes.

As there is no need to learn programming to make themes with generators, it is too easy to make themes even if not has been done ever before. Intuitive interface and user documentation makes it further easier for any user. The second interest is states as cost to a developer is saved. Saving is for sure if a theme would be created by the user itself.

Additional benefit is that even high standard generator do not cost high, like TemplateToaster costs just $39.99(Standard Edition). Professional edition of it costs $99.99.

In short words, I would say that a theme generator is essential for truly for effortless creation in reasonable short time. There are many nice WordPress theme generators, but I prefer TemplateToaster because it has robust features and costs less. It is accessible at


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