Why TemplateToaster is better than Artisteer

I am fond of developing themes with TemplateToaster. Its features and ease of use has made me its admirer. While browsing online I read somewhere that TemplateToaster is heavily based on Artisteer. This statement raised my curiosity in Artisteer, so I decided to check it.

I find no truth in this statement after experiencing Artisteer’s features. Both are web design software, which need not to write code to make web designs, but have dissimilarities in terms of features. The contrast I have drawn between these two is wrapped under following headings:


Visual interface is a little similar but user experience is completely different. TemplateToaster’s user experience is rather good than Artisteer, indeed.

Designing abilities

TemplateToaster and Artisteer both have enough designing abilities. Indeed TemplateToaster has exhaustive designing options. It interestingly allows to add slide-show in header and offers Google font as typography. Artisteer does not have these two things for me.

Custom Widgets

This feature you may not find in any web design software. TemplateToaster gives the freedom to make and place any number of widgets in a theme, and flexibility to customize widgets is also great.


TemplateToaster is fully responsive. All of its version have been responsive without fail, whereas Artisteer is responsive only in version 4 and not in earlier versions.

Browser Compatibility

Artisteer lacks when it comes to compatibility with earlier version of Internet Explorer. And TemplateToaster is again a success in cross browser compatibility. It’s fair for IE 8, 9, and 10 along with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Offline or Online

Yet another good side of TemplateToaster is that you can preview and export design while offline. But you can’t export design while offline, if you are working on Artisteer. I find imposition of staying online to export my web design disadvantage. I feel it violates privacy also. I will like, perhaps you also, to export my design from my system only for assurance that my theme or template is not going on other system and it’s only with me.

Awesome theme options by TemplateToaster that Artisteer does not have

The biggest difference between TemplateToaster and Artisteer is about “theme options”. Themes generated by TemplateToaster will show theme options at WordPress dashboard including “backup” and “SEO”. So user will not have to seek SEO plug-in. Artisteer is extremely opposite case, it does not give even a single option with its theme.

Cost Comparison

Coming to cost, Artisteer costs more than TemplateToaster though it lacks some features. The two variants of Artisteer are available at the cost of $49.95 and $129.95. TemplateToaster’s standard edition costs $39.99 and professional edition for $99.99.


I can say that TemplateToaster is better than Artisteer. TemplateToaster have more usability for developers than Artisteer. And calling TemplateToaster as copy of Artisteer would be wrong.



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