BestBest Template Designing Software

Designers always hunt for such software which could prove best for them. It’s not like there is no good software is available for their use, but they always seek for new things to happen in their software so that they can adapt new trends easily. Nothing can be perfect, but can be near perfect. I am going to introduce such a near to perfect software for designers and developers.

Introduction with TemplateToaster

Yes, TemplateToaster is that software earlier I have dropped a hint about. This software has gained much popularity now since it has been introduced. TemplateToaster, I have been using since my initial designing days. And since then I have seen huge advancement in this software. Actually, it’s a template generator which offer an intuitive interface for designing templates and generates programming code corresponding to design on one click.

Menus based Interface

Menu based software are always loved and TemplateToaster receive that love for providing menu based interface. TemplateToaster presents a canvas, rich in design options lying in the menus, before designer. Due to this it becomes very easy to craft designs in less time and with less efforts.

Detailing is in designer’s hand

I know that a captivating design comes from detailing. Each little thing matters so much when it comes to template designing. Colors, pictures, and presentation effects do matter greatly, but margin, padding, shadows, textures, border and such things also keep that importance, and TemplateToaster seems smart enough for helping designers with such options applicable, wherever.

Custom Widget Areas for WordPress Designs

Widgets have their own importance in a good design. It’s said to be necessary to have relative widgets in a design. It’s fine that WordPress offer you so much widgets but you should not be restricted to put your widgets. That is why TemplateToaster allows designer to draw custom widget areas. I am definite about this feature that it’s not available in any template generator I know about.

Slide Show with several choices of transition effects

Slide show is an important designing trend of recent time. Sniffing the current trends, TemplateToaster has given several options for making slide show more than what we call awesome.

Several choices for selecting layouts

Designer would not have to hustle with wire frames to make layouts because layouts are already built and just require a click to be applied. Similarly, sidebars can also be put at preferred side with one click.

Custom color scheme can be made

Though various color schemes are offered to choose from, designer can take one advance step to make own color scheme.

Readymade logos and images

Yet another lovely attribute of TemplateToaster is availability of is that readymade logos comes as free item with it. Images as well.

There is much more to know

About TemplateToaster, there are many things you can discover yourself simply taking it’s free demo. It has intuitiveness and so much qualities.




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