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Does Your Theme Generator Allow Customizing Responsive views?

Responsive designs are the need of hour

Responsive strategy has changed the web development business. Having to apply responsive theme makes the website ready for mobiles, not only mobile but to tablets. In short, for every screen size, view of website has been created with responsive theme. With the increase in mobile and tablet users who access internet through their mobiles and tablets, need has aroused that of responsive websites rather than keeping and maintaining the separate domain for mobile ready website.

ResponsiveResponsive theme generator

My write-up is aimed for those who do use of theme generator. Being responsive is the utmost characteristic of a worthy theme generator. I am not sure about free theme generators, but paid ones keep up with responsiveness, mostly. Themes made with responsive generator obviously would be responsive. But the thing to mind is as to can you modify responsive views independently. The thing that distinguishes a plausible WordPress theme generator is whether user can create different design for mobile than desktop design in a single theme.

Can you design mobile view independently?

Usually what occurs, generators facilitate to design desktop view and to see the responsive view of design, virtually, on mobile device. You can view the design in mobile view, but can’t customize it. The modifications, you would do, will eventually show in the mobile view. You are not free to customize the mobile view and tablet view independent of desktop view.

TemplateToaster lets customize mobile view independently

The generators, which I have met till now, do not allow me to do so. TemplateToaster, a renowned WordPress theme generator, is the exception of premise. This is the only software, I have been using, that allows designing mobile responsive view independent from desktop view, and tablet view as well.

What’s the benefit?

I find this amazing that two distinct appearances of one theme can be made for different devices. I am pretty sure that everyone would appreciate TemplateToaster for giving such liberty of creating two views of one design. Many people have their choices that they want their website to look distinct on different devices. They desire for separate designs for desktops, tablets and mobiles. TemplateToaster lives up to their expectations. This theme generator lets the user to modify or mold a theme, solo, for each desktop, tablet and mobile.

There are lot more exciting features that TemplateToaster have, can be known at




How Bootstrap is Useful in Template Development? Does any Theme Generator Support Bootstrap Features?

Bootstrap is very much loved by the developer community. Things which used to consume much of developers’ time have been settled by the Bootstrap. Following issues used to take up developers’ time.

  • Responsiveness
  • Cross browser affinity
  • Fluid grid layouts
  • Image optimization
  • Gives optional JavaScript extensions

The utmost reason, its developers tell, for bringing Bootstrap into existence was to meet consistency across the web development. Developers had been doing their style, and uniformity in source code development was not there.

Bootstrap is considered robust framework. Though it decreases the efforts made by the developers, still developers have to take a few days to accomplish a single template.

TemplateToaster better Boasts the Bootstrap attributes

TemplateToaster, a template generator, sets developers completely free from writing code. Not a single bit has to be written. The best aspect of this generator is that it ensures the robustness of Bootstrap. TemplateToaster has made itself in accordance with robust development techniques.

Big user community proves that it’s the most loved WordPress theme generator

TemplateToaster has a big user community. Having a big user community depicts that it’s the lovable web template generator. Users connect with this generator for their own reasons. Individuals and newbies like it for intuitiveness and professional results, developers and designers like for saving their time without compromising work quality. Students also love this since it helps them in their projects.

If you have not used this software yet, you should try it.

BestBest Template Designing Software

Designers always hunt for such software which could prove best for them. It’s not like there is no good software is available for their use, but they always seek for new things to happen in their software so that they can adapt new trends easily. Nothing can be perfect, but can be near perfect. I am going to introduce such a near to perfect software for designers and developers.

Introduction with TemplateToaster

Yes, TemplateToaster is that software earlier I have dropped a hint about. This software has gained much popularity now since it has been introduced. TemplateToaster, I have been using since my initial designing days. And since then I have seen huge advancement in this software. Actually, it’s a template generator which offer an intuitive interface for designing templates and generates programming code corresponding to design on one click.

Menus based Interface

Menu based software are always loved and TemplateToaster receive that love for providing menu based interface. TemplateToaster presents a canvas, rich in design options lying in the menus, before designer. Due to this it becomes very easy to craft designs in less time and with less efforts.

Detailing is in designer’s hand

I know that a captivating design comes from detailing. Each little thing matters so much when it comes to template designing. Colors, pictures, and presentation effects do matter greatly, but margin, padding, shadows, textures, border and such things also keep that importance, and TemplateToaster seems smart enough for helping designers with such options applicable, wherever.

Custom Widget Areas for WordPress Designs

Widgets have their own importance in a good design. It’s said to be necessary to have relative widgets in a design. It’s fine that WordPress offer you so much widgets but you should not be restricted to put your widgets. That is why TemplateToaster allows designer to draw custom widget areas. I am definite about this feature that it’s not available in any template generator I know about.

Slide Show with several choices of transition effects

Slide show is an important designing trend of recent time. Sniffing the current trends, TemplateToaster has given several options for making slide show more than what we call awesome.

Several choices for selecting layouts

Designer would not have to hustle with wire frames to make layouts because layouts are already built and just require a click to be applied. Similarly, sidebars can also be put at preferred side with one click.

Custom color scheme can be made

Though various color schemes are offered to choose from, designer can take one advance step to make own color scheme.

Readymade logos and images

Yet another lovely attribute of TemplateToaster is availability of is that readymade logos comes as free item with it. Images as well.

There is much more to know

About TemplateToaster, there are many things you can discover yourself simply taking it’s free demo. It has intuitiveness and so much qualities.



Upgrade Your WordPress Version To 4.0.1 Security Release

WordPress 4.0.1 has been released and is available to download at WordPress recommends people to update their sites which are based on earlier versions. The WordPress contributors claiming this version to be most secured till now. Version 3 is still in huge use and websites based on this version are more likely to affect by security threats. Versions from 3.0 to 3.9.2 were tested against vulnerability, and found most vulnerable, thanks to Jouko Pynnonen, CEO of Finnish IT company Klikki Oy.

Old versions are vulnerable

The entry point for exploit is the comment box on WordPress pages and posts. The tricky minds may leave comments having JavaScript and malicious link in the comment box, and when the comment is viewed on the admin dashboard, JavaScript plays its role such secretly that neither normal user nor search engines could view the exploit.

WordPress Security ReleaseThe exploit takes the administrative privileges over, and the actual admin does not get any clue, even. Further can happen, change in the user’s password, addition of new admin account, and plug-in editor can be used to write PHP code (by the attacker) on the server. You may know concerning details here.

Though this issue had been resolved in version 4.0, WordPress 4.0.1 has been made yet more secure by fixing 23 other bugs of 4.0 and thus, it is being called critical security release.

Most Admins are still on WordPress 3

As per statistics, 17.9% people are still using WordPress 3.0 followed by WordPress 3.5 with 16.1%users. Build 4.0 is expected to outgrow the earlier versions because stats have raised to 15.1% till now. Build 3.9 has share of 14.7% users.

Users are advised to upgrade to latest version for immunity of their CMS against vulnerability. Either download WordPress 4.0.1, or update from dashboard (Dashboard> Updates, clicking “update now”).

Why TemplateToaster is better than Artisteer

I am fond of developing themes with TemplateToaster. Its features and ease of use has made me its admirer. While browsing online I read somewhere that TemplateToaster is heavily based on Artisteer. This statement raised my curiosity in Artisteer, so I decided to check it.

I find no truth in this statement after experiencing Artisteer’s features. Both are web design software, which need not to write code to make web designs, but have dissimilarities in terms of features. The contrast I have drawn between these two is wrapped under following headings:


Visual interface is a little similar but user experience is completely different. TemplateToaster’s user experience is rather good than Artisteer, indeed.

Designing abilities

TemplateToaster and Artisteer both have enough designing abilities. Indeed TemplateToaster has exhaustive designing options. It interestingly allows to add slide-show in header and offers Google font as typography. Artisteer does not have these two things for me.

Custom Widgets

This feature you may not find in any web design software. TemplateToaster gives the freedom to make and place any number of widgets in a theme, and flexibility to customize widgets is also great.


TemplateToaster is fully responsive. All of its version have been responsive without fail, whereas Artisteer is responsive only in version 4 and not in earlier versions.

Browser Compatibility

Artisteer lacks when it comes to compatibility with earlier version of Internet Explorer. And TemplateToaster is again a success in cross browser compatibility. It’s fair for IE 8, 9, and 10 along with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Offline or Online

Yet another good side of TemplateToaster is that you can preview and export design while offline. But you can’t export design while offline, if you are working on Artisteer. I find imposition of staying online to export my web design disadvantage. I feel it violates privacy also. I will like, perhaps you also, to export my design from my system only for assurance that my theme or template is not going on other system and it’s only with me.

Awesome theme options by TemplateToaster that Artisteer does not have

The biggest difference between TemplateToaster and Artisteer is about “theme options”. Themes generated by TemplateToaster will show theme options at WordPress dashboard including “backup” and “SEO”. So user will not have to seek SEO plug-in. Artisteer is extremely opposite case, it does not give even a single option with its theme.

Cost Comparison

Coming to cost, Artisteer costs more than TemplateToaster though it lacks some features. The two variants of Artisteer are available at the cost of $49.95 and $129.95. TemplateToaster’s standard edition costs $39.99 and professional edition for $99.99.


I can say that TemplateToaster is better than Artisteer. TemplateToaster have more usability for developers than Artisteer. And calling TemplateToaster as copy of Artisteer would be wrong.


TemplateToaster: Why Should You Get This Theme Generator

Why would you need it?

If you are in search of a finest theme for your website and still have not got the one you are expecting then you need a theme generator so that you may design a theme according to your imagination.

What does it do?

TemplateToaster is used for creating web designs or templates without writing code. User has to create design selecting menu based options. In a short sentence, it is an automated web design software. Perhaps you know about WYSIWYG editors, which are used for making web designs. Web designer writes the code and simultaneously corresponding design appear on the editor. TemplateToaster does same, but without coding.

What makes it worth to buy?

There are plenty web design software but none seems to compete TemplateToaster. It has a lot of options for tweaking a theme. More than enough stock images and logos are there to choose from. Images can be applied both at foreground and background plus slideshow in header. Exhaustive visual tweaking is possible with TemplateToaster.

What is exceptional?

Yet I have not find any template generator, which allows to draw custom widget areas. I can say that it is the exceptional feature of TemplateToaster. Bootstrap support is yet another incredible feature added by developers into TemplateToaster.


Themes by TemplateToaster look perfectly fine on every screen, be it a desktop screen or screen of any portable device.

Wider browser compatibility

When it comes to browser compatibility, some generators disappoint users. TemplateToaster never does the same. Themes by TemplateToaster show compatibility with Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, 8,9,10, Chrome, Opera and safari. Is there any big name missing out?

You can work with it offline

There happens two categories of generators, Online and offline. Template Toaster works offline. It’s an advantage. When I do not happen to be connected with internet, I can work with TemplateToaster even then.

If I would mention each feature of it, this write-up will go exhaustive, so it’s better to access this software at

Usability of a WordPress Theme Generator

A WordPress theme generator is used to make themes for WordPress websites. Also called WordPress web design software, generators have revolutionized the web designing by eliminating the requisite to write code to develop web designs. Being code-free web design software, anyone can make themes using a generator.

In fact, people who have never been into theme making can make themes without acquiring special technical skills. Ease of use of a generator for professionals and general users is alike but usability differs.

Usability for developers

A professional quality generator proves to be effort-saver as well as time-saver for developers. Custom theme development is an effortful process.

Who says that developers do not have to face hurdles while making custom templates?

Difficulties occur even for them to put their knowledge in practical situations, sometimes, when they have to make themes from scratch, and based on client’s preferences.

Development of fully custom theme takes long if done on code-based editor. To add any element into theme, coded instructions have to be written. On the other hand, if a generator is used, then work becomes a lot easier and faster, because options have to be chosen instead of writing source code. Generating source code pertaining selected options is the job of generator.

Easier and faster development would lead to take up more number of projects. Obviously, accomplishment of more and more projects would draw greater monetary benefits for developers.

Usability for Individuals

In my views, those who are thinking of setting up their professional blogs or websites on CMS should get a generator and make themes themselves. There are two interests in doing so, first is the ability to make custom themes on one’s own, and second is saving the fee they are supposed to give to developers for custom themes.

As there is no need to learn programming to make themes with generators, it is too easy to make themes even if not has been done ever before. Intuitive interface and user documentation makes it further easier for any user. The second interest is states as cost to a developer is saved. Saving is for sure if a theme would be created by the user itself.

Additional benefit is that even high standard generator do not cost high, like TemplateToaster costs just $39.99(Standard Edition). Professional edition of it costs $99.99.

In short words, I would say that a theme generator is essential for truly for effortless creation in reasonable short time. There are many nice WordPress theme generators, but I prefer TemplateToaster because it has robust features and costs less. It is accessible at